I'm Ashley. I'm 24 and a nice individual...
*The pleasure is mine*

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Spying on...

Will update soon...Lol or not cause the last time the links turned into legit porn sites like wtf. ha
People Peepin'

QUICKLY realizing

I shoulda been in the library MONTHS ago for this paper!!!

All this f**kin information!

like duuuuuuuh foo’!

lesson learned.

like you might think youre saving time googlin’ n shhh.

Nah son.

Google’s the freaking devil for extensive research.

I read all the time for fun but as far as extensive research?

BRUH. smh shame on me.

Library! mothafathas go there and be blessed.

Good day. *tips hat*

Porn Business

I’m gonna start a porn business called “FPO porn” which for Four Play Only Porn.

all the videos can be no longer than 3 minutes cause no one really wants to watch¬†more than 3 minutes of that anyway…

*shrug* but I’m down for series specials. we’ll talk.


We’ll film for like an hour an then shorten the footage to 3 minutes so its nice an active.

Again, specials can be longer.

I gotta whole bunch of rules for what goes and what doesn’t.


the rules kinda make me think this project should be the new “the board game” or something

but like not a broad game-broad game cause there starts and stops in those.

More like a broad game-sport game cause you have to know all the rules before hand so you know whats illegal and whats not…

but broad game sport game…maybe not cause well just maybe not.

You just have to see it, its in my head like clock work.

Yup….sound pretty lucrative to me. *shrug*

Oh yea…serious inquiries only please. This CAN NOT lead to sex…on set.